Curbing Sugar Cravings with Essential Oils

Essential oils have so many uses and each individual oil can be used for numerous things. If one doesn’t work for you as you were hoping it would, you can just try another one. Everyone has a different biochemistry so we all respond differently to the oils.

When trying to keep your hands out of the sugar jar, there are several oils that can help curb that craving:


Sometimes people eat when they are angry, sad, or are feeling stressed out. Bergamot can help reduce those feelings by lifting your spirits so that you can avoid eating when you really aren’t hungry.  This sweet smelling essential oil is known to be a natural mood lifter, as well as being packed with polyphenols. These polyphenols help your body burn more sugar and stored fat.


Inhaling this uplifting scent can curb hunger pangs. Studies have shown that peppermint essential oil stimulates the brain’s satiety center, which will prevent overeating. It can also aide indigestion.


Cinnamon is another essential oil that will not only suppress your appetite, but it can increase metabolism as well. Cinnamon will help your body break down sugar and use them for energy, rather than store it as fat. Like peppermint, cinnamon essential oil also improves digestion.


This is a powerful essential oil that will definitely increase your energy levels, shrink fat cells, and help remove toxins. Lemon also contains the potent antioxidant d-limonene, which helps support the liver in detoxing the body.


Grapefruit essential oil is similar to lemon essential oil in that it also helps to remove toxins, dissolve fat, lessen appearance of lumpy bumpy skin, prevent bloating, and curb the appetite as well as increase energy levels. There is something about the scent of grapefruit that is uplifting and improves the mood.

How to use the oils

Any of these oils can be added to a glass of water (always a glass, never plastic, as the oils, especially citrus oils, will leech chemicals from the plastic into your water). Cinnamon and lemon are great in a warm mug of tea. I’ve applied them, with coconut oil as a carrier oil, across my abdomen with great results. Diffusing, or inhaling directly from the bottle is another great way to use them. You could apply to your wrists to inhale, as well.

I personally only trust using Young Living Essential oils. You can read why here. They are the only company that I know of that has complete ownership and control of the ENTIRE process of making oils, from the seeds to slapping on the seal. No middle man. No leaving someone else in charge of the fields, or the distillation, or the packaging. That’s how you know you are getting a top notch product.

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You can always send me a message if you have any questions about any oils or how to use them! I love talking oils!! 🙂

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