The Trouble With Gluten

What if I told you that you had an autoimmune disorder or a potentiality to one right now and you don’t even know it?

What if I told you that you had a gut lining that was wrecked and allowing substances to enter into your bloodstream before it was broken down small enough for your body to recognize it and synthesize it appropriately.

Once these substances get into the blood stream, your body perceives them as a threat and your immune system starts attacking. This causes inflammation. If this inflammation doesn’t heal, then it leads to autoimmune disorders.

There are nearly 160 conditions related to gluten causing inflammation. Most might seem, on the surface, that they have nothing to do with the food you are eating. But these recurring “annoyances” you feel are signals from your body. Little messengers letting you know something is not right. While it may be commonplace for the majority of people to not feel well (fatigue, brain fog, joint pain, acne, bloating, depression, obesity, insomnia) they are in no way normal. Our body was not designed to feel that bad. We chalk it up to aging, but aging doesn’t have to be painful and disease-ridden.

So what is the culprit causing this distress in our body? In EVERY body? GLUTEN.

I highly recommend EVERYONE read a book called Autoimmune Fix by Dr. Tom O’Bryan. In his book he states, “The spectrum of autoimmunity is a progressive state of disease that runs from vibrant health at one end to degenerative disease at the other. In between lies a broad range of varied but related stages that build on each other, usually moving in the direction of more disease….The health deterioration can be measured in terms of its intensity by the level of antibodies. Where there is a slight elevation of antibodies, some people may have noticeable symptoms, while others with tremendously high levels of antibodies may have no symptoms at all….We can’t feel when antibodies are killing off our cells in the earlier stages, so there is nothing to alert us to the tissue damage until it progresses to the point where clinical illness is apparent.”

That’s scary stuff! What does gluten have to do with it? Gluten is what causes your gut lining to become permeable, allowing substances to enter the blood stream and cause the inflammation which leads to tissue damage. This tissue damage leads to organ inflammation which leads to organ damage, which is the point you might start feeling symptoms. Organ damage leads to a fully diagnosed disease.

No one should be eating wheat. The human body was not designed to adequately break down and process it. Even if you don’t have an allergy to gluten (celiac disease) you still have a sensitivity to gluten. Dr. O’Bryan explains, “There will be just as much or more inflammation with gluten sensitivity as there is with celiac disease.” So you aren’t home free just because you don’t have celiac disease.

I have never felt this strongly that everyone MUST read a book as I feel with Autoimmune Fix. One tiny bite of gluten containing food and it ignites a fire in your gut that spirals out of control. Stop fanning the flames and get the gluten out.

You must read this book! I have a link here to order it or a link on my homepage. This will be the most important book you read pertaining to your health and the health of your family.




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