Green Detox Juice

Detox is such a buzz word these days. People either think it’s too “woo-woo,” not actually important, or a fad word that people on a diet use. It is also assumed that detoxing means starving yourself. Sure there are some detoxes that are all water (which I would not recommend except under the strict supervision of a medical practitioner), all smoothies, or all juices. But there are also detoxes that include food, usually raw foods, but they are specific foods that are known to bind to and help the body purge built up toxins. The true point of a detox is not starvation. It is about eliminating a build up of toxic material in the body.

There are detoxes as short as a few days and others  as long as a month or sometimes more. Those all have their place in a healthy lifestyle, but there are things you can do daily to reduce your toxic load without having to go on a detox plan.

Clearing the toxic load out is important. Daily detox helps the body perform more efficiently, have high energy, sleep better, improve immune function, and ultimately try to avoid disease.

We live in a toxic world. We touch, breath in and consume harsh, toxic chemicals. A lot of which we can’t do anything about. But we can do something about what we eat and drink.

If the cells in our body are too busy dealing with an influx of toxic chemicals (and food-stuff) then they get too tired to perform their best, which in turn means you don’t feel at your best.

A simple way to clean up the junk! JUICE!

Reducing chronic inflammation and alkalizing your body is key in detoxing.

These ingredients are alkalizing, reduce inflammation and and packed with greens to detoxify. You can do a lot of good with one little drink. 🙂

2-3 ribs of celery

1 1/2 inch cucumber

2 kale leaves (I like lacinato kale)

1 small lemon (or lime), peeled

1 green apple

  1. Run all ingredients through a juicer.

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  1. I’ll bet this is tasty and refreshing! I like that you provide a simple, DAILY option for detoxing. It can be intimidating to do a detox for 3+ days. (I did my first one almost a month ago — it wasn’t too bad, and I actually learned a lot about myself and how certain foods affect my body and mind!)

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