Aloe is gaining popularity these days and for good reason.  It’s long been known that aloe is healing to the skin by alleviating damage done by sunburn, scrapes, bug bites, cuts, and minor burns. But it goes far beyond soothing boo-boos and owies. It is extremely useful in healing inside the body as well.

Inside that prickly, spikey leaf is a true natural plant-based medicinal gel that every medicine kit should have. A plant based medicine kit, of course!

Aloe vera juice vs aloe vera gel

The difference between the gel and juice is where it comes from. Both are beneficial and may come from different parts of the plant, but both bring their own set of healing properties.

Aloe vera juice is produced from the whole leaf or just the inner gel and can be consumed orally as a health remedy. Aloe vera juice has immune boosting properties and digestive stimulating effects.  Reports have shown that aloe vera juice has been used to treat asthma, epilepsy, and even osteoarthritis.

The gel is found inside the leaves. This can be used topically for soothing skin ailments such as sunburns, bug bites, cut and scrapes. You can also put a bit of the gel in your smoothie and consume it take way for healing from the inside out.


The sugars in aloe are the healing form of sugar. The white blood cells that make up your immune system operate much more efficiently with certain nutrients, and the polysaccharide sugars in aloe are one of those nutrients. Another boost to the immune system comes from glutathione. Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that plays an integral role in the development of white blood cells as well as preventing the damage done to other cells well oxidation occurs.  What does that mean? Things like a strong immune system, speedy recovery times, and normal detoxification is increased with sufficient glutathione.

Skin Care

Having the juice or gel on hand is a good idea because it is extremely healing and soothing. It can help reduce redness, help broken skin heal faster with less scarring, and it even works on clearing acne. This is because aloe can provide hydration and antioxidants to promote the body’s healing mechanism.


As good as aloe is on the outside, it is just as good on the inside! It has the ability to balance blood sugar, reduce inflammation, repair leaky gut, and ease constipation.


An acidic body is a body prone to illness because an acidic body is an atmosphere where illness thrives. Aloe can bring your body pH back into balance.


A major detoxifying organ is your liver. Because of the glutathione and the hydration present in aloe, your liver will stay operating efficiently and your body will be able to detox naturally.

Nutrient Boost

Aloe is a source of many minerals your body needs such as:

  • calcium
  • copper
  • chromium
  • sodium
  • selenium
  • magnesium
  • potassium
  • manganese
  • zinc

Aloe vera is one of the only plant sources of vitamin B-12, too. This is excellent news for plant-based eaters.

Incorporating aloe into your daily ritual is as easy as adding some to your smoothie every morning, drinking the juice served over ice, and applying some to your skin. You’ll reap the benefits quickly and it sure beats spending top dollar for chemical filled cosmetics and health tonics. The answer comes direct from mother nature.

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