How Ketogenic and Paleo Diets are Killing You

It seems there is a rise in popularity in the Ketogenic and Paleo diets which promote high fat/low carb eating.  It is based on the idea that the cavemen ate mostly meat all day and little to no carbs and starches.

Many people who adopt this lifestyle will initially feel better and possibly lose weight. But is this a false positive? Is this weight loss sustainable for the long term?

People who eat low carb high fat (LCHF) will justify their enjoyment of eating decayed rotting flesh by the movement in numbers they see on the scale.  But did our caveman ancestors actually eat this way? There is an overwhelming amount of research by anthropologists that show that cavemen ate the majority of their calories from starches, in the form of roots, tubers, bulbs, and wild grasses.

Carbohydrates are clean burning fuels, fuels our body prefers to run on, and leave only carbon dioxide and water as waste, which is easily excreted by the lungs and kidneys. On the other hand, flesh is a dirty fuel and leaves urea, ketones, uric acid and other metabolic burdens that stress the liver and lead to gout, kidney stones and other diseases.

When you consume mostly meats and saturated fats it places one in a state of ketosis. When you keep your metabolism in a state of ketosis, which is an emergency state entered into only during times of starvation, you are in a state of low-grade acidosis. Being ketotic day after day, month after month, forces the body to constantly dispose of a heavy acid load. To deal with that acid load, the body will seek support from the calcium in your bones which leads to kidney stones.

Just look to nature. Even true carnivorous mammals don’t eat pounds of flesh every few hours! The health consequences would be quite severe!

The connection between red meat consumption and colon cancer has been well known for years. When you pile your plate with meat, you aren’t leaving room for fiber (plants). We are a nation of fiber deficient people. Without fiber to push the waste through the colon, the rotting flesh is left to linger in the colon for far too long and the toxic waste gets reabsorbed into the blood stream.

It is an overlooked consequence that eating a LCHF diet will alter your gut bacteria. Put simply, plants equal good gut bacteria. Meat equals bad bacteria. That bad bacteria will turn the carnitine in the meat into something called trimethylamine. Your kidney oxidizes that into trimethylamine oxide which is a molecule that drives cholesterol into the artery walls and produces plaque formation in the arteries throughout the body. The kicker is, that even if you look and feel good, this damaging cascade of events could be happening in your body and you will have no idea how unhealthy your arteries are until you have a heart attack.

Those on LCHF diets may even see their cholesterol numbers go down and be encouraged that the diet is working. However, typically those numbers rise back up again. The question to ask instead is, “How healthy are your arteries?” The artery walls are likely being assaulted with atherogenic, oxidized cholesterol particles with every animal-heavy meal, and that will set off a cascade of damaging effects that can lead to blood clots blocking the arteries, heart attacks, stroke, and therefore early death. Flesh-based diets also injure your gut lining and allow food proteins to leak into your bloodstream before they have been broken down enough and will trigger autoimmune diseases.

The bottom line is, this dietary pattern is gaining popularity only because the western industrial meat production is driven by government subsidies which make animal flesh hideously cheap. Folks have been fooled into believing this is a healthy way of eating and the food industries are laughing all the way to the bank at the expense of YOUR health.

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