Benefits of Quinoa

What is so special about quinoa, besides the fact that it tastes so good either hot or cold?

It contains quite a decent amount of protein (protein from plants, yay!), antioxidants, vitamins and minerals especially in comparison to against other grains.

Quinoa is actually one of the few grains that contains all nine of the essential amino acids (protein!), it is gluten-free, is a good source of insoluble fiber (keeps you full longer), and contains heart healthy fats. I consider it a “superfood” because of all the vitamins and minerals quinoa has. It is also high in flavanoids (hooray for antioxidants!).

I prefer to rinse my quinoa before cooking it because it is naturally coated in a chemical compound called saponins. Saponins protect the plant against microbes, fungi and foraging animals because of its bitter aftertaste. That same aftertaste can be tasted by humans so a quick rinse will give your quinoa a better taste.

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