Linen Spray/Room Spray

Another great way to use your essential oils is to refresh your linens and your room with a linen/room spray. Depending on what oils you use you can create a different affect. You can also eliminate odors. Below are some ideas for you, but the ideas and combinations are endless! Get creative!

For instance I really like using purification and lemon to get rid of stinky odors in the kitchen.  I love spraying my workout room with “motivation” before I start up my treadmill.

Lavender and peace & calming would be great as a “sleep spray.”



In an 8oz spray bottle put 1.5 ox of witch hazel, your drops of EO (essential oils) and fill the rest of the way with distilled water (distilled water evaporated quicker)

REFRESH: 3 peppermint, 2 eucalyptus, 3 lavender

CITRUS BOMB: 6 bergamot, 3 orange, 2 lime

MOTIVATION: 4 en-r-gee, 6 orange, peppermint

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